Gilles Bergeron

Since 1976,  leather has been the source of a profound interest and fascination for Gilles.  From this material grew a source of eternal inspiration.  After his first creations were sold, he opened his first store in Jonquière named  “Mains Agile.”  Since then, Gilles Bergeron has participated in many expositions such as the Salon des Métiers d’Art in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and Montréal in addition to the “One of a Kind Show” in Toronto.  The year 1987 marked the beginning of a new concept for the boutique:  Conception Cuir, a workshop boutique where clients have the opportunity to order custom creations or purchase specific products.

Danielle Tremblay

The boutique workshop welcomed a new associate in 1995:  Danielle Tremblay.  Born in Lac–St-Jean, she grew up on the family farm, surrounded by the region’s phenomenal scenery.  After receiving her college diploma in the arts in 1981, she moved to Montréal to pursue a career in real estate.  It was in 1995 when she met Gilles Bergeron who  introduced her to leather working.  She returned to her native origin where she refined various techniques related to the production of furniture and useful objects such as firewood totes, coverings, purses and briefcases.

Throughout the exhibitions during which the co-owner of Conception Cuir won numerous prizes, Danielle Tremblay continues her search for colors and patterns that will soon give life to the production of which she has been dedicating her time:  embossed leather portraits.   Through iconography where fictional characters and imaginary wildlife sometimes emerge, she fully unleashes her masterful knowledge of balance and harmony.  Gifted with an innate sense for color and leaving herself space for spontaneity in her creations, Danielle restores honor to a noble technique forgotten by many and unappreciated by even more.